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J&J Hopkinson 1881-1890 Piano Value Advice

General discussion about piano makes, problems with pianos, or just seeking advice.

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J&J Hopkinson 1881-1890 Piano Value Advice

Postby DA2013 » 01 Mar 2013, 21:48

Hi All,

I attempted to list my piano for sale on ebay, however ebay have very strict rules about instruments with ivory keys and although it is pre-1900, they expect documentation of proof which I don't have! Would quite like some general advice on how much my piano could be worth - I understand it is difficult without seeing the piano in person however I have included some pictures which will hopefully help.

Its a J&J Hopkinson Upright 1881-1890 Walnut

Top A doesn't work as the key was taken out and retuned for a lower key which is used more regularly.
At the moment the piano is out of tune - I wasn't going to tune it as on moving it would only need retuning anyhow but should I get it retuned?

I am not very technical so don't know if its overstrung/damped etc. All I know is that the last time I had it tuned, the tuner was very fond of it and said for its generation, it was a very high quality piano and had some "modern" elements for its time. Obviously its all out of date now and has been taken over by the much more modern/fancy pianos which are great but I do have a fondness for this one! I understand that this adds no value whatsoever to it.

The keys are still ivory ... =1&theater

I have tried to upload other photos of underneath inside etc, but it wont let me - not sure if this is going to work!

Any advice at all would be much appreciated re: best way to sell it - auction/private/not worth anything and is better as an antique piece etc.

I am only wanting to sell as I cant take it where I am moving and my parents don't appreciate/use it!
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Re: J&J Hopkinson 1881-1890 Piano Value Advice

Postby Barrie Heaton » 02 Mar 2013, 11:39

if you are in the UK you can poast your add on the Pianos for Sale by the General Publicon this site for Free
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Re: J&J Hopkinson 1881-1890 Piano Value Advice

Postby Colin Nicholson » 02 Mar 2013, 16:56

Welcome to the forum......

The serial number (starting #47....) suggests it was made in 1890 - possibly between 1890 - 1895, depending on when the piano was put together, then sold originally.

Although these antique pianos have alot of character & charisma, they dont sell for much money - if anything, nothing! We ourselves sometimes have to re-phrase what we see as a 'piano' - but in fact its now become an "attractive wooden box, with strings and hammers". We can't value pianos here, but in general, on Ebay most pianos like this start at around £10 no reserve.... and see what happens.

I would simply remove the word "ivory" from your advert (if that affects selling it)
Having ivory topped keys is nice, but will not out-weigh the general structure and design of this piano.... as follows....

Many old pianos have what we call "deadly sins" - there are about 5 in total, of which yours has (at least) FOUR of them....

1. Straight-strung
2. Over-damped
3. 3/4 frame with fully exposed wrest plank
4. Spring & Loop mechanism (I think yours has this type).

Therefore, its best to avoid drawing to attention these sins when advertising. Regrettably, 'the trade' wont touch these pianos.

It's also quite common for a piano tuner to "rob" parts and put them somewhere else - simply because these parts are not available any more. Many pianos like this also "ring on" after a note has been played.... and if its badly out of tune, it may not sell privately - unless you give it away. It is a fact though that the actual cost of removing a piano will be alot more than its value.

However - maybe try to sell it locally.... or try Ebay again, but dont expect massive amount of bids!

Hope that helps....

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