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What is a digital piano?

Posted: 09 Apr 2009, 22:35
by markymark
A digital piano is basically an electronic piano minus the strings and soundboard, although, even the latter is featuring now also! Instead of having hammers hitting a string, each time a key is depressed, the digital piano has each piano note digitally sampled into its memory. Inside the digital piano is a small amplifier, weighted keys and a sound bank with other voices. Of course, manufacturers spend most time on perfecting the piano sound as this is the main discerning point for most people buying digital or stage pianos. The weighted keys emulate the weight and action of an acoustic piano keyboard in the same as the hammers hit the strings.

The digital piano has brought with it many advantages to a modern world. Prior to its arrival, musicians played the traditional acoustic piano, or used an electronic keyboard. The digital piano transcends both world and allows musicians to be even more expressive and versatile while retaining as much as possible, the feel and comfort of a traditional piano.