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Postby jlduffy » 23 Feb 2008, 15:05

Hi, I found reference to this Benedict piano from Methven Simpson, Reform Street, Dundee, on the old Q&A site, but didn't see the reply. Just wondered if you have any information about this Piano or its approx. age? I'm considering shipping the piano from my parent home in Scotland to my home in London and am wondering if it is worthwhile. Thanks in advance

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Postby Bill Kibby » 23 Feb 2008, 16:05

This may be a name used by Methven Simpson for pianos bought in from anonymous London wholesalers, because most seem to originate from them. As for the date, some were around the 1890s, but I can't begin to guess without more information or photos. Methven Simpson were at Reform Street from 1899 to the thirties. Have a look at the Datemarks page at
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