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Alois Kern Piano

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Alois Kern Piano

Postby fieriq » 12 Jul 2007, 03:41

My mother-in-law recently bought a baby grand piano for my husband and me at a Somerset Auctionl. It was described as an "Alois Kern" antique baby grand piano from Austria.

It is a beautiful piano and sounds wonderful. I am now trying to find any information I can about it.

On the front (above the keys) center it says
"Weltausstellung 1873"
under that there is a two-headed bird of some sort with
verdienst medaille under that.
Under that it says "Alois Kern"
Under that it says "Wien"

On each side of the 2 headed bird thing are circles with writing in them.
The left one says: "Silberne Medaille" around the word "Paris"
The Right one says "Weltausstellung" around the number "1878"

On the inside under the strings there is a large oval with 4 circles in it and various other things.

It starts with two dragons on either side of a coat of arms. Under the left dragon it says "Viribus" and under the right dragon it says "Unitis"
Then there is "Alois Kern" on a banner. Under that it says "Piano*Forte*Fabrik" on another banner.

The 4 circles each say different things:

The leftmost circle has a man's head in it. On the top it says
"Wien" then around the edge it says "Franz Josef Kaiser Von Oesterreich,
Koenig Von Boenmen Koenig Von Ungarn"

The next circle says "Paris" on top and "Exposition Universalle Internationale de 1878"

The 4th circle has "1873 Weltausstellung wien" and Dem Verdienste

IN the center is a coat of arms with 5 castle towers on top, some fleur-de-lis under that and they a 3 masted sailing ship with oars"

Then there is a banner that says V. Be Zentagasse 12. Under that is
No. 3123 and then very, very tiny it says (I think) Lith M Burian, Wien.

I don't find any other numbers any where on the piano. I'm sorry this has been so long. I would appreciate any help you could offer.
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Postby Bill Kibby » 12 Jul 2007, 16:25

I am already dealing with this enquiry by email, but we have no information about this maker.
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Re: Alois Kern Piano

Postby ile_veles » 13 Feb 2010, 11:10

hello i am ilija from macedonia so my futher bue for me grand piano with the name alois kern wien and on this piano i have some medals for wonder sound on the ehposition in france 1878 and they are gold medals taken on tne plate.
if you are interesrted for a picture of my piano just send me mail adress and i will send you some pictures from my piano
best regards ilija
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Re: Alois Kern Piano

Postby Pianomate » 13 Feb 2010, 20:57

Perhaps you can find an Austrian piano enthusiasts forum where they may be able to help more.
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