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Five London Piano Makers Five London Piano Makers Brinsmead, Challen, Collard, Danemann, Welmar by Alastair Laurenc

More London Piano Makers The Chappell company produced some of the finest instruments ever seen in the UK

The Piano-Forte he Piano-Forte: Its history traced to the Great Exhibition of 1851. Author: Rosamond E. M. Harding. Hardcover.

Piano Dream Piano History Book Probably the finest book ever produced on the history of the piano, this impressive 248-page book traces the history and development of the piano, including square, cabinet, console, upright, and grand.

The Broadwood Barless Piano

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Methven of London

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Postby Bill Kibby » 25 Apr 2005, 10:18

Because of the enormous reputation of the London makers, scottish firms had great trouble convincing people to buy local pianos, so they would sometimes have a London address simply for the convenience of being able to put London on the pianos! I have no trace so far of a real firm of that name in London.

Methven Simpson & Co. moved from 122 Nethergate, Dundee to 22 Reform Street around 1905, and became a limited company. They remained there for many years, so the address doesn't help us with the date of the piano. Any further clues will be hidden inside the piano, see ... ianos.html
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