Grade II: Contrarymotion C & E Maj & Trieste

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Grade II: Contrarymotion C & E Maj & Trieste

Post by StuartAU » 04 Jul 2009, 17:36

Ok, i promised to keep you all informed, Next Thursday Morning 9th July is D-day
My Grade 2 ABRSM exam, scored about 130 in Mock.

Contrarymotion C & E Maj

....and for fun Trieste, i wont be using it as my piece but i like it. ( i know its too fast) :wink:

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Re: Grade II: Contrarymotion C & E Maj & Trieste

Post by markymark » 06 Jul 2009, 12:58


Very well executed with both hands in sync with eachother. Fingering flowed nicely and basically, a very competent job. Sensible speed chosen. I can't tell from the recording if you need to adjust this or not - it may be because the camera is sitting to the left of the piano - but make sure that one hand does not outplay or over-power the other. Again, I can't tell whether or not you're you need to make an adjustment here from the recording.


I'm not familiar with this piece Stuart but it sounds as if you have prepared the piece well and the notes are recognised and played accurately. Good sense of pace and I think you are aware of the main intentions of the composer to convey the haunting and slightly unsettling mood. The main drive behind this piece is definitely the left hand. The right hand it providing a limited accompaniment but the real haunting phrases are coming from the left hand. You did mention that it was fast but perhaps only a little. I would personally include a little more light and shade with the left hand so that cresendos and climaxes in the music can be made more obvious. Don't let the right hand over power the left hand phrasing but make sure that it compliments these climaxes and anti-climaxes in the music. Still, a very decent job.

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