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Welcome to the "Performance & Recital" forum!

Posted: 22 Jan 2009, 23:33
by markymark
Welcome to the Piano Showcase's "PERFORMANCE & RECITAL" forum!!

A forum for sharing your performances with everyone else!

This forum is for showcasing your recorded performance as the description says. It also allows you to share your performance or interpretation of a piece of music with other people's performances. It also allows for the purpose of getting feedback from other musicians of the same ability or else from more experienced musicians who hold membership of this forum.


You can upload files which are upto 2MB in size. Files which exceed this amount will be removed by a Moderator.

You can also post a link to your performance if you opt to link off-site.

Please use a new thread for each new performance that does not correspond to or tie in with the theme of the thread so that feedback from other members does not become too confused.

Only registered members of the UK Piano Page forums can view this particular forum. If you want others to hear your performance, they must register first!

If you have any complaints about the site or would like to write a review for others to read you can use, ... or use the guest book.

Enjoy the forum!

marky :D