Who can teach me to play this song

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Re: Who can teach me to play this song

Post by Pianist685 » 25 Oct 2017, 16:29

1. The youtube video you are linking to is 1 hour 47 minutes long. I suppose you mean the first piece, but you should have said that. I wonder if anybody has about 2 hrs time to find out which title you probably mean.

2. Find a piano teacher in your home town. It is almost impossible to teach a person a specific piece over the internet with no personal contact and without seeing what he or she is really doing at the instrument. Well, it might be possible with Skype...

3. The piece could be played by ear by a skilled pianist, but I suppose you would need to have a written score. If such is not available, somebody would have to write such a score from listening which is quite some amount of work. I wonder if anybody in this forum has the time for such a task without getting anything back.

4. The piece is in eb minor, a key signature with six flats. I suppose that is way too difficult for you. Now you might ask for a transposition to e minor with only one sharp, and there we are at a point that causes even more work... Go find some piano teacher near your home.

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