Looooong beginners' sheet music

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Looooong beginners' sheet music

Post by elena » 03 Oct 2010, 17:48

Hello, everyone!
Does anyone know where to find free or not-free looong sheet music? Am learning the piano, and starting easy Chopin pieces, (grade 1 or 2 at the most, I guess), but am tired of learning the main melody only, two pages at the most. I'd like to find classical sheet music, beginners' level, of a whole piece. So I can get into it, savour it.
Chopin, Bach, Mozart, whatever classical.
Thanks if anyone can help!

Gill the Piano
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Re: Looooong beginners' sheet music

Post by Gill the Piano » 04 Oct 2010, 16:00

There's a two-movement Beethoven sonata in G major which you might be able to tackle. Give it a go...
I play for my own amazement... :piano;

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Re: Looooong beginners' sheet music

Post by Yamaha_Sam » 22 Oct 2010, 10:50

I always found it nice to grab books and just try them out.

When I first started playing I was quite into coldplay and thought i'd give "clocks" a go, not too hard really, and was nice to play something people recognise

Also ALOT of Ludovico Einaudi's work is pretty easy to pick up, i'm by no means a pro but i'm happy to sit and practice a song for a couple of MONTHS that's much further ahead than my main ability for example I started to play "Bella notte" at grade 2 it's probably more like grade 5.

Just practice something you like and ignore what the piece of paper says is your ability. I think if you want to play it if you put the time in then eventually you'll crack it...obviously there's a limit I wouldn't bother with "black keys" just yet lol but you should be ok to just play a few songs you like and I would definately recommend:

Ludovico Einaudi - Get the books: I giorni and Le onde. Some simple some moderate so gives good scope for growth

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