Things You Must Consider Before Learning Piano

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Things You Must Consider Before Learning Piano

Post by Griser12 » 13 Jul 2010, 00:35

Here are some elements you need to consider before you begin your journey towards easy piano lessons:

Skill Level – Are you a beginner, or have you had previous lessons? Easy piano lessons are possible, but you need to know your skill level so you can start or continue at the proper level.

Personal Musical Aptitude – How much natural ability do you have for music? A music teacher can help you determine your skill level and aptitude.

Your Age – The music learning process is easier and faster for a 12 year old than for a 35 year old. Patience and persistence can overcome many obstacles, but be realistic about your expectations.

Time Available – You need to plan a regular schedule for practice time. 20 or 30 minutes of practice five times a week is better than a single 3 hour session on Saturdays.

Realistic Goals – The amount of time you practice and a consistent schedule will determine your improvement more than anything else. A fair evaluation of the above elements will help you set realistic goals.

To help you make easy piano lessons possible, select a learning method or program that you really enjoy and fulfills your needs.
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Re: Things You Must Consider Before Learning Piano

Post by samasap » 12 Aug 2010, 14:49

Thats very good points you have made there, and most teachers can instantly pick up if people are going to have a natural ear for music, and those students are often easier to teach, but a good teacher must be able to adapt and have patience to teach all abilities.

Learning piano is very time consuming especially if your serious about it, and you do need to make time to practice daily, so you need to ask yourself have you got this amount of free time to commit...

It depends on what you want to get out of the piano - if its just for enjoyment, and a hobby, then you don't neccessarily have to have so much free time, I teach a few people who just like to get out once a week, and don't always practice very often, but they are having fun and enjoying what they are doing so thats all that matters.

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