What would you do in my situation?

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What would you do in my situation?

Post by atnaat » 29 Oct 2009, 00:21

I recently started playing piano 3 months ago and it's had a massive effect on me, I love it, it's incredibly beneficial to my life. I'm a young lad that's moved out of his parents house to attend further education, 110 miles away. Had to leave the piano there. No loan available to me, have to work every day I'm off college and it all goes on rent and living. The colleges pianos are in constant use, I haven't been able to sit at them for even 1 hour. Practice rooms of other universities in the area are full to saturation, wouldn't be able to get enough time there a week to progress.

My max budget for a digital is £500 but from what I've read they're just not that great at that price, unless I'm misinformed? The only digitals sold locally are clavinovas so I can't decide for myself about the cheaper ones. Should I take a chance with one? I'll be gutted If I don't enjoy playing it. I was thinking my best option would be to rent a mid range digital or an upright. I have no reason to change accommodation, I could fit one in my room no problem and my land lady doesn't mind. What do you think?

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Re: What would you do in my situation?

Post by markymark » 29 Oct 2009, 00:28

If you are staying in halls or rented accommodation, there is no point in investing in an upright piano, especially not a brand new one. For £500 you would have a hard time finding something decent and then of course, if you move before you graduate, then you have to get rid of the thing!

A portable instrument would be best for you or at least a cheap Clavinova. If you want more advice on digital pianos, then post your questions on the Digital Pianos forum where I can talk more specifically - have you checked it out yet? This forum is for casual discussions.

However I will say that something like a Yamaha P85 would get you something with a decent touch and sound for under £500. Other models like the YDP-140 would be around £650 or more. You mentioned Clavinovas - unless you can get one second hand such as a CLP230, 240 or one of the CLP3XX range, then don't go for the old models that others have mentioned recently on the Digital Pianos forum.

As I said, if you want to talk about Digital Pianos, we can continue this thread on the Digital Pianos forum.

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