worst ever piano playing experience?

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worst ever piano playing experience?

Post by emmac » 04 Sep 2009, 17:03

Markymark's story on another thread, about having to play a synthesiser at a church meeting, reminding me of my own worst ever piano playing experience.

I was asked to accompany some hymn singing at an old people's home; so I dutifully practised the hymns at home, turned up there on the day, thumped out the first chord on the piano - and discovered that it hadn't been tuned in about thirty years. Half the notes didn't play at all. Of those that did, I don't think any were at the right pitch. You can imagine what it sounded like, but I think they just thought I couldn't play... At any rate, I was never asked again.

Anyone else got any toe-curling experiences they would like to share?

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Re: worst ever piano playing experience?

Post by Gill the Piano » 05 Sep 2009, 16:27

Would've served 'em right if you'd been the annual Rich Eccentrics Day Out...you could've swept out saying 'Ah well, I suppose it'll HAVE to be three Bosendorfer Imperials then...'
I play for my own amazement... :piano;

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