Any recipes for homemade Christmas pud?

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Re: Any recipes for homemade Christmas pud?

Post by Marius » 21 Nov 2008, 22:47

Hehehe :D I have a realy good recipe for Norwegian homemade Christmas pud :)

Have you checked your innbox Dave? I have sent you a mail.

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Post by Nutroast » 24 Nov 2008, 12:12

Yum, we made our Christmas put at the weekend. We had meant to do it the week before, so the fruit had been soaking in a mixture of brandy and rum for 8 days by the time we got around to it!

I'll dig the recipe out for you.


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Post by Gill the Piano » 24 Nov 2008, 17:27

We still DO put silver threepenny bits in our Christmas pud. Anyone stupid enough to swallow one - Darwinism in action...

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Post by Nutroast » 25 Nov 2008, 10:53

Here's mine, minus choking hazzard!

4oz wholeweat breadcrumbs
2oz butter
1tsp mixed spice
qtr tsp ground ginger
grated nutmeg
1oz muscovado sugar
1 small cooking apple, peeled and chopped/grated
3-4oz of sultanas and 3-4 oz raisins
1oz crystallised ginger, chopped
1 orange, rind and juice
1 lemon, rind and juice
half oz flaked almonds
brandy and rum
quarter pint of beer or cider (recommend Dark Star Expresso Stout!)
1 egg

Soak the fruit for at least 24 hours in as much brandy and rum as they will take up.

Mix all the dry ingredients, including zest and rub in the butter.

Whisk the egg in the orange and lemon juice and add to the dry mixture. Add the fruit.

Gently heat the beer or cider until it is reduced to just a tablespoon or so and add that to the mixture.

Stir it well, pop into a bowl covered with cheesecloth and steam for about 3 hours.

While it's still warm, pour over more brandy and rum and put into a cool, dark place. If storing for over a month, take it out of store and check once a month and dose with a bit more brandy and rum.

To prepare it, pop it back in the steamer for another couple of hours.

To flame, warm a spoonful of brandy and pour it hot over the pud and light it immediately.

Serve with cream or custard, custard is my favourite, but I usually lose that argument!


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