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Swamped with Spammers

Posted: 03 Nov 2011, 22:16
by Pianogirl
Has anyone actually managed to sell a piano to a real person???? I am close to giving up after today receiving a fake cheque for £2000 when I asked for £500.......It's from an estate agent in London, apparently, so we rang them and they are getting several phone calls from people because they have had similar cheques. Mine was posted with a Greek stamp on it.....apparently the police aren't interested.

Very annoying! I just want to sell my piano!

Rant over :-)

Re: Swamped with Spammers

Posted: 04 Nov 2011, 02:40
by markymark
Did you try to advertise it through this site?

You should look through the "Internet Scams Fraud" forum. A sure sign that the offer is bogus is when they try to send a check for more than the asking price, asking you to send the change in the form of a cheque from your account or to be wired to a particular bank account.


It's a sure sign of a an individual (granted rarely from within UK) intending to defraud!