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This section is for posting known scams / Fraud on the "piano for sale". Do Not post pianos for sale here.

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This section is for posting known scams been tried on the "pianos for sale". Do Not post pianos for sale here.

Post the entire email so others can see. Including the IP address as well as the Email address which will be in the email you receive from the scammer but Don't put your email address in there

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Internet Scams

Post by Barrie Heaton » 30 Apr 2007, 17:09

Lara parker has sent the following message to you: My name Lara i saw your advert
placementm on the internet( PIANO
)which am
intrested in purchasing .
i will like you to answer the following question before we can talk on
payment .
1)why do you want to sell it?
2)for how long do you have it?
3)is it well okay or what? i mean the present condition 4)and i will like to have the recent
pics of it . 5)and your last price offer please get back to me asap.and i want you
to understand that my mode of payment lays check and the check will clears
in your
bank before pick up...
U can email me at


Internet IP:

descr: Ventelo DSL Customers
descr: For abuse matters Please contact

country: NO
admin-c: GH1071-RIPE
tech-c: HA806-RIPE
mnt-by: Ventelonorge-mnt
mnt-lower: Ventelonorge-mnt
mnt-routes: Ventelonorge-mnt
source: RIPE Filtered
person: Geir Hvidsten
address: Kjoita 25
address: 4630 Kristiansand
address: Norway
phone: 47 38 79 79 11
nic-hdl: GH1071-RIPE
source: RIPE Filtered
person: Henning Andersen
address: Kjoita 25
address: 4630 Kristiansand
phone: 47 38 79 79 19
nic-hdl: HA806-RIPE
source: RIPE Filtered
descr: Ventelo
descr: Telenor Networks AS Norway
origin: AS2119
mnt-by: AS8210-MNT
source: RIPE Filtered
Barrie Heaton
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