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Beware! Blatant scam attempt.

Posted: 12 Sep 2014, 10:08
by pandapaws
I advertised a Diener piano for which NO payment was required. all I asked was that a discretionary donation to charity might be made.
1st message:
I am interested in purchasing this item,is it still available for


2nd Messsage:
Good morning
Thank you for your respond.good to know the item is still available for sale.i want you to know i have a courier company that will come for the pickup. so you don't have to bother yourself shipping the item i will be making payment through PayPal because my bank account is linked to my PayPal account and PayPal is a secured method of payment for both the buyer and seller.kindly email me a PayPal money request invoice direct to my verified PayPal email which is the same as my email address to proceed with the payment.i believe you can set up a PayPal account easily at if you don't have one.looking forward to hear back from you soon.


Having my name and telephone number - this seems to be a clear attempt to gain access to my email address and try and determine whether or not I have a paypal account.
'Her' ungrammatical writing style is highly suspect - as is 'her' clear failure to spot that a direct payment to me was never on the cards.
I have removed the advertisement.