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Posted: 14 Jun 2012, 09:05
by Colin Nicholson
Received this email after placing an advert to sell a piano for a friend
Email address:


Thanks for the reply.
I really appreciate your mail and am pleased with the condition and your asking price £XXXX.I'll instruct to issue out a BANK DRAFT tagged £4,000, drawn from a UK bank in your name.Having it in mind that business is based on trust,When you receive the check, cash it, deduct the amount due for the purchase, and send the remaining funds to my shipping Agent via Western Union Money Transfer,whom will then come over to your location for the pick up and take care of all shipping issues.

If this arrangement it's okay by you,kindly get back to me with all this details below so that the payment can be issue out for you without no further delays.

1}Name as to be written on check
2}Contant address
5}Zip code....
7)Both your cell phone and home phone .

Looking forward to hear back from you Asap. compliment of the season !!

Note :- Am offering you additional £30 for the trust in order to remove the item on advert and also consider is sold to me till my payment finally get in your hands...

BEWARE - THIS EMAIL & EMAIL ADDRESS ABOVE IS A SCAMThe money transfer company are genuine, however they are based in Ireland.... and the content/ language/ phrasing above is USA. Also note that the email is quite demanding, and using CAPITAL LETTER or { } inserts, which are changed depending on your country and circumstances of the enquiry. Then they offered an extra £30 as a 'gesture of goodwill' to have the advert removed early. There was one previous email sent (see below) - but following that, it seemed very abrupt and 'too trusting' .

A previous email was also sent:

"I just want to know if your {Piano} is still available for sale"


Colin Nicholson